Pay Weekly Stores

When it comes to buying on credit, many of us like to be able to pay back what we owe on a weekly or monthly basis simply because the installments are small and affordable. Weekly payment stores such as Homebuy, PerfectHome and Littlewoods let successful applicants do this on all sorts of products including fashion, electricals, home furniture, beauty products, appliances and more.

Pay weekly is a scheme for spreading the cost wherein you can choose to not pay the whole amount for your chosen products at a time. You can spread the cost with weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments. The majority of these payment options do not require you to make an initial deposit. Of course, the original price of the product and the amount you end up paying may differ by a small amount because the store will usually charge some sort of interest. Credit provided is subject to successful credit and affordability checks.

Reviews of pay weekly stores are somewhat polar. Whilst most customers look forward to shopping with these schemes, some of them, especially those who have defaulted on payment tend to complain about being hassled by the company. To avoid any negative experience, you must make sure to make all payments on time. For more details on other payment options such as buy now pay later and pay monthly visit Catalogues247. They have some great guides on UK catalogues, their products and their credit plans.

Find great deals from online weekly payment stores

No Credit Check

If you suffer from a low or bad credit score you may well be looking for a store that doesn't do a credit check. There are a few of these online retailers in the UK that offer pay weekly, however, they do charge very high interest rates when compared to other stores that do carry out a credit check.

Interest Free Credit

When it comes to buying on finance, the main point of attraction is how much interest you will have to pay. Many online stores do offer interest free credit, however, their approval rates are very high so you may find yourself being refused an account if you have a poor credit rating.

0% Deposit

When buying expensive items like a laptop, sofa or kitchen appliance, many stores tend to ask for a deposit when you apply for a new credit account. However, there are a number of online weekly payment stores which don't have any initial deposit whatsoever.