Get the New Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung S8 is an amazing device. From the sleek build to the crisp display, you are basically looking at a piece of work that has sold millions of units around the world. The S8 has garnered plenty of applause for its performance as well, and you will be forgiven for craving to have one of these in your hands. It’s not exactly a cheap device, however, so you will need to come up with a way to pay for it. A good approach would be to pay on finance, where you get to choose how much you pay and over what period of time.

Should you choose finance as an option, below are some factors to consider:

The retailer
As you fish around for a deal on this phone, keep in mind that retailers have different levels of flexibility. There are those who offer deals set in stone and there are those willing to bend backwards to see to it that you get what you are looking for. If you can come to a consensus about what you need to do to pay for your S8, then you have the right retailer at your disposal. Never be afraid to look around till you land the right shops.

Duration of payment
Different outlets out there will charge you differently at different terms. Some are willing to stretch the period of payment over a number of months, while others prefer weekly payments. Both these plans are convenient and will work differently for different people. There is no clear blueprint for what works for a specific person, but you simply have to go with what you feel is the better choice. While weekly payments allow you to seal the deal in a short amount of time, monthly payments, on the other hand, give you some leg room and leave you e without financial strain. You should also think in terms of how long it will take to pay the full amount; depending on the retailer, you have a wriggle room of anything between 3 and 36 months.

Interest rates
Paying for stuff on finance means you will likely end up paying a little over what you would have had you simply fronted the cash in the first transaction. And while there is nothing wrong with such a deal, you are looking to keep your costs as low as possible. Naturally, you should want to work with low-interest rates, so be on the lookout for the best arrangement.

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How to Pay Weekly on an Xbox One

There is no any denying that video games can be a costly hobby. This is if you’re interested in next-gen consoles like the Xbox One.

Typically, these consoles cost several hundred pounds for you to get them off the stores’ shelves and the controllers and games are not cheap either.

Therefore, it is always a relief knowing that you don’t need to part with hundreds all in go to enjoy your favourite pastime. Rather, you can opt to rent your gaming system for just a fraction of that huge price or pay it off gradually in installments. If this sounds like you, then here is a quick guide on how it works.

Look for a Local Rent-a-Centre or hub
A lot of local Rent-A-Centre charge about £27 weekly and approximately £50 for two weeks. Which, of course, means that you can only own the system in about three years if you keep making regular payments to the centre. Even though you may end up paying nearly three times the marked price (compared to buying the system one-off), this payment plan lets you have an unlimited flexibility particularly if your finances aren’t in the best order.

You Can alternatively use a Rent-to-Own Store too
There are many rent-to-own stores available in the UK that give pay weekly on Xbox One’s for video game enthusiasts who’re looking to buy expensive electronic equipment through installments. Such establishments provide this in either yearly or two years payment plans, and this will cover everything including the games and gaming controllers. The 24-month plan, for example, will have you pay at least £56 weekly every week for the system to be yours after 104 weeks.

There has been a proliferation of online websites recently that give similar deals but with the flexibility of doing so on the internet in the comfort of your office/home.

The Bottom Line – Is it Worth the Weekly Payment?
The truth is, rent-to-own on an Xbox One and paying it off each week is a double-edged sword at it best. While you may end up parting with about 3 or even four times its initial price by the time you’re done making payments, it lets you have the flexibility of having such a superior system without paying for it upfront. That is to say; the arrangement is an appropriate fix for those of us who really need the latest on an Xbox One but do not have the financial strength to do so right away.

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Spread the Cost on Home Appliances

If you are fishing around for home appliances, then you need to have a nice wad of money at your disposal because these things tend to cost quite a goodly amount of money. Stores across the UK have a lot of appliances that will whet your appetite for the finer things in life but if you don’t have a plan to get what you need, then you might find yourself in a deep financial quagmire. Fortunately, there are ways in which you could end up with what you want and still not come off worse for wear from a financial perspective. One of those approaches involves buying stuff and paying for it weekly.

Here are some places that will accept that kind of arrangement:

Easy Buy
This online shop stocks all manner of home appliances at different prices. They allow you to pay upfront but you can still choose to pay on a weekly basis. Once an agreement is hammered out, the weekly limit is set and you can go ahead with the instalments. The amount per week entirely depends on your ability as well as the value of the product. Generally, you can pay as little as £6 each week.

Argos gives you an opportunity to shop on the fly and make payments as you deem fit. When you go to the site, click an item and place it in your basket. Once you are done with the selection process, simply go over to the checkout section and decide what mans of payment you want to go by. If you want to service the costs monthly, then you have to undergo a registration process that takes all of ten minutes..

Pay Weekly Store
If you are looking for a good deal on cookers, microwaves, dryers or washing machines, then PWS is the place to go. The store has a wonderful array of items that you can buy and pay against later, and you can pick and choose as you deem fit. With this store, you can apply for an account and wait it out for 5 days. If your application is approved, you can then proceed to place items in the basket and provide your banking information over there. Again, your weekly financial obligations to the store will be determined by the value of the product you are looking to buy.

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Where to Pay Weekly on a Macbook Pro

The MacBook is a great piece of technology to have. It is the sort of thing that you would spend your bottom penny on. The device boasts incredible featured and is known for its ability to dazzle. Whether you are looking for an office work station or a PC set, this device from Apple has all it takes to give you a great user experience. The problem, of course, is that you won’t be getting it on the cheap anywhere, which is why you might want to settle on paying up bit by bit. Weekly payments are a great way to go, and you only need to identify the right online store.

Here are some stores for you to sample as you seek to land a deal;

Pay Weekly Electricals
This outlet is known for its ability to make sure that customers get deals that suit their types of arrangement. They specialize in all manner of electrical and equipment, and the MacBook is definitely one of their winners. They have a large number of orders on offer, and you can sift through what is available to arrive at what suits you. Their support is always on hand to help out, so don’t worry about getting stuck somewhere in the middle of your application process.

Fair For You
Just like its name would seem to suggest, Fair for You is a place where all deals are tailored to suit your needs. They have a great interface where you get all you want with the minimum of hassle. They do offer a range of options, but most of the plans are customized according to the product in question. MacBook offers are structured that they can be stretched over a large number of weeks, so you do not need to be worried about your financial position at the time of purchase. Youca structure your payment in such a way that it takes as many weeks as possible, allowing you to pay just a hundred pounds or less each week.

Easy Buy UK
Easy Buy seems to be the ideal destination for just about everybody, so why not just jump on the ride and have your bit of fun? They are certified dealers of Apple products so you are assured that whatever you get is the perfect product. They also sell new items, so you are assured of quality and longevity. The registration process over there takes a matter of minutes and you can actually pay as little as £6 a week.

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All you need to know about Catalogues247

Catalogues247 is an online agency that compiles information relevant to shoppers who prefer to use catalogues for their needs. It is a website but up by a bunch of highly knowledgeable individuals who know what the customers are looking for and what the UK catalogue market looks like. When you go on the site, you get to browse the various shops and what they provide, whether its fashion, furniture or electronics.

Catalogues247 goes above and beyond, laying out the various credit options available to customers to enable them to make the most of their shopping experiences. There are links to relevant stores for those who want to shop.

Who does Catalogues247 help?
· People looking to shop on finance and do not go where to go or even how to get started.
· Shoppers interested in buying products but have a problem getting approved for finance.
· Those on the lookout for general information, as long as it pertains to catalogues and what they have to offer.
· Those who are looking to land discount or voucher code deals in UK catalogues but simply can’t seem to find the right places to spend their cash.
· People looking for products on credit but first want to take a look at what is available out there and how it helps or hurts them before making the leap.
· Shoppers looking for highly specific information about a particular catalogue but have been lost in the maze that is the internet.

How does Catalogues247 earn its revenues?
It would be important to point out that this is not a catalogue in itself, even though most people like to see it as a catalogue of catalogues. It is simply a collection of information on the various major catalogues in the UK and what they provide to the buyer. As such, they do not sell products to make revenue. Instead, they earn a commission on the products you buy every time you visit the site and click through on a product in any of the catalogues. As the site is keen to point out, they don’t collect any customer details. Neither does this lead to an increase in the price of the product you are looking to buy.

Catalogues247 is a rich well of information for anyone looking to land a few great items without having to waste too much time reading reviews or visiting individual catalogue sites in advance.

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Where can you get a Dishwasher on Finance, Interest Free

New appliances are costly; especially if you are buying more than one for a home at the same time. For this very reason, the idea of buying with catalogues,and interest free financing, is one which is very appealing to the homeowner. But, not all online catalogues offer interest free financing; so before you shop with any site, consider a few of these to keep costs down, and avoid high interest rate charges on the orders you are making.


Argos –
As a leader in appliances, clothing, home goods, and other product lines, you can’t go wrong with one of the most well known online catalogues. And, with as low as £99 purchases, you qualify for 3 month interest free periods. For home appliances like a new dishwasher, you pay as little as £249, and you have up to 12 months interest free payments. Customers can also choose to do the normal credit option, where interest rates are incurred, but do not have to pay the full price by a maturation date.

Littlewoods –
On this site, you also have a variety of financing options available, and it is another reputable UK catalogue vendor for home appliances. When buying your new dishwasher on the site, you qualify for interest free payments of up to 12 months, when purchase totals reach £299. Customers also receive free delivery as soon as next day, disposal of the old appliances in the home and free returns if they are not happy with their purchase for any reason.

Appliance depot –
Shopping on this site allows you to earn interest free category on your purchase, as long as your order exceeds £299. Like the other vendors, customers can also get free next day delivery and set up, and do not have to make their first payment until the new appliances are set up and delivered to the home. With a variety of appliances from which to choose on the site, you can find the top brand names, and several series or models of dishwashers, for energy efficient models in your home.

Dishwashers are just one of the many appliances you are going to invest in for your kitchen and home. If you want to buy more than one item at a time, and spread the payments out over time, without high interest charges, these are a few top sites to consider for interest free financing on the purchase of your new appliances.

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Top 3 Catalogues for Womens Summer Dresses

Women are constantly looking for something new to throw inside their closets. They have an undying hunger for fashion and will do anything to land the best deal, especially when it comes to dresses. Summer is the time we all get out for a little R&R, so it helps to be decked out in your best. Online catalogues are the ideal place to turn to if you are looking for deals in summer dresses, and below is a look at three of the best in the UK:


Dorothy Perkins
Dorothy Perkins is the embodiment of class and style. Here, you will get some great deals in summer dresses in all the colours you have always dreamed of. Perhaps the most noteworthy thing about DP is that you can find clothes of just about any size. The catalogue goes out of its way to make sure the petite, the plus size and everyone in between is able to land something they will definitely like. The store is not known to lack in quality and quantity, and the main reason is that they bring in new outfits every week. Prices on Dorothy Perkins are a song, as you can get some nice dresses for as little as 15 quid.

Monsoon is vintage personified. It has dresses with amazing prints, and there is really no shortage in terms of colour. If you are one for the screaming types, then you will be right at home with these ones. Their style has a unique Eastern bend, so you are looking at some exotic selections. Monsoon tends to have a heavy lean towards mix and match designs, so if you are down with that kind of wear, then you will have a great day shopping for your summer stuff. Check the site from time to time for new arrivals or discount deals.

Next boasts a loyal UK following among women, and for a good reason. The catalogue has room for plenty of dresses, whether you want to throw a poolside summer party or simply walk barefoot on the beaches. The store has a number of choices when it comes to design. You can choose between printed and embroidered dresses and also have the wriggle room to take a look at incredible colour choices that scream out loud that ‘summer is here at last’. These magnificent dresses come with accessories that help you stand out like a homecoming queen in the summer heat.

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Current Best Deals on the Xbox One S

The Xbox One S is the latest update in the Xbox One generation to hit the market, alongside the new PlayStation 4. The Xbox One S is the slimmest Xbox yet, measuring 40% smaller than its predecessor, the Xbox 360.


It’s available in multiple colours including a “robot white” colour and it ditches the 360’s bulk power “brick,” as some fans called the clunky power supply. The Xbox One S can be displayed vertically or horizontally using a console stand.

Powerful Features
In terms of tech and quality, the Xbox One S has it all. Customers can choose between a 500 GB or 1TB hard drive, and it comes with Ultra HD 4K capabilities — meaning that it’s the most affordable Ultra HD DVD on the market, and that’s without factoring in the bonus of it also being a gaming system. Users can stream videos via Netflix, Amazon and more, and the console also plays HD Blu-Ray discs.

The wireless controller has also been updated. This time around users can enjoy Bluetooth, proprietary wireless (which boosts the controller’s wireless range by a lot), and texture grips. The Bluetooth controller can also be used with PC computer systems.

What’s in the Box?
A brand-new Xbox One S system includes:
• Console
• Internal hard drive (either 500 GB or 1 TB)
• Wireless controller with 3.5 mm headset jack
• HDMI cable
• AC power cable

The Best Xbox One S Deal in the UK
So where can the avid UK gamer find the best deals on a new Xbox One S? On the internet, of course! There are various sites that feature the best prices on standalone consoles and bundles, which pair the console with a game and/or additional accessories.
Check out the available deals below:

Standalone Consoles
Argos offers some great prices on the Xbox One S. You can get a 500 GB system for around £200, or increase to a 1 GB system for around £50. Standalone systems are cheaper than the bundle deals but you don’t get the benefit of getting games at a discounted rate. Argos also offer great financing opportunities so that you don’t need to pay the whole thing of at once if you don’t wish too.

Buyers stand to save big when purchasing the Xbox One S in a bundle with games, accessories, and more. For example, Amazon UK boasts several bundles, such as the Minecraft Favourites Bundle, FIFA Bundle and Limited Edition bundles. The Bundles typically offer games, add-ons, downloads and other accessories with the console. This can lower the overall price because you don’t have to buy your favourite game on top of paying for the console. The bundles can be extravagant or modest with just an added game with the console.

Currys PC World
Currys has a number of other great bundles, such as the one that combines the console with Minecraft Favourites, a special blue wireless controller, a twin docking station to recharge your controllers, and a 3-month Gold membership to Xbox LIVE, all for around £260.00.

Very is another UK site that sells Xbox One S bundles. Get a 1 TB console bundled with the Gears of War 4 and Forza Horizon 3 for around £310. You are also given the option to add to your bundle to customise it for yourself. Very also allow their credit customers to pay weekly on the Xbox One.

If you’re looking to get a deal on an Xbox one S then grabbing a bundle deal is probably the best option for you. Check financing options if you don’t want to hold all your money up at once and can’t afford the big spend. Shop around and look for the best deal before you commit to a purchase.

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How to Rent a Washing Machine and Pay Weekly

If you need a new washing machine, retailers offer a wide range of finance options that might suit you. You can find washing machines in various sizes and products manufactured from different brands all in one place and you can spread the cost of your order over time.


Some companies also let you rent a washing machine, which allows you to take an item home that very same day and then make weekly repayments. Here are five tips if you are interested in this type of finance.

1. Do Your Research
There are a number of different companies that offer pay weekly finance on washing machines. Use a comparison website to ascertain the best services in your circumstances. Here, you can discover various finance options and check out interest rates. If you still have questions, you can contact the retailer directly to ask about renting a washing machine.

2. Consider the Cost of Interest
Most retailers will charge you a rate of interest when renting a washing machine, although this will fluctuate depending on the company. Remember to check the terms and conditions and refer to the retailer’s website, where you will find out more information about their rates. Some companies, however, might not charge you any interest on your washing machine if you pay for the item in full by a particular date.

3. Consider the Cost of Delivery
You might be charged for delivery of your washing machine, so it’s always a good idea to check this beforehand. You will also want to find out whether the retailer will install the unit for you. A company that lets you rent a washing machine and make repayments on a weekly basis should display their charges on their website. However, if they don’t, contact them directly by phone or email.

4. Find Out How to Make Repayments
Some companies will send you a statement with details of your weekly payments and the amount you will need to pay. You should also find out about the different payment methods you can use when paying for your washing machine. Some retailers, for example, will let you pay by logging into your personal account on their website. Others accept payments over the phone.

5. Find Out About Maintenance and Repairs
Some companies might offer free repairs and maintenance of your washing machine for a certain period of time. Others, however, will charge you if something goes wrong with the item. You can find out this information by speaking directly to the retailer.

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Best Deals on the PS4 Pro

So you have got yourself a brand new 4k, Ultra-High Def television, and you still have quite a few pounds left to splurge in your bank account, why not get the PS4 Pro to go along with it? The PS4 Pro is Sony’s upgraded hardware to make their system a little more future proof.

ps4 pro

It provides those with a 4k TV a more immersive gaming experience, boosting the graphic fidelity of games with faster and more stable frame rates. Regular HDTV’s will also get a higher and more stable frame rate, boasting a full 1080p resolution.

The games will look more realistic, and the upgraded systems also offer 2.4 GHZ/ 5 GHZ wi-fi mode options and HDMI 2.0. Compatible games so far include Battlefield 1, Final Fantasy XV (After a future patch), The Elder Scrolls Online: The Tamriel Unlimited, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, FIFA 17, NBA 2K17, and more. All the compatible games will have the “Pro” symbol located on the front of the game case.

If you do not have a 4k television, then honestly, there is no reason to go out and spend the money right this moment. Waiting would be your best option but if the PS4 Pro is a must-have for you, then go right ahead, it will put you ahead of the curve and you will be ready when the price of 4k TVs are more reasonable.

Now, the Pro is still rather new, so most retailers with good deals and bundles are selling out left and right. However, here are a few sites and what they offer in the UK:

- Amazon offers free shipping in the UK and they often have great bundles if you are lucky enough to catch one. Their standard PS4 Pro (1TB) is £349.99.

- Argos is offering a PS4 Pro (1TB) for £349.99 and you can purchase the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare for £40 along with it.

- Currys is keeping with the trend and has their PS4 Pro at £349.99 with free delivery to the mainland UK on 1000s of products.

Finally, Very, Very has a similar deal at £349 and offers a service guarantee to protect your product from damage and after forking out around £350, this is something you definitely may want to consider!

The key here is to keep an eye on these sights, they often have flash deals and Amazon has great bundles when they are in stock. Check for deals and what all the sites offer, you may be interested in financing or product protection so the key is to shop around.

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