Best Deals on the PS4 Pro

So you have got yourself a brand new 4k, Ultra-High Def television, and you still have quite a few pounds left to splurge in your bank account, why not get the PS4 Pro to go along with it? The PS4 Pro is Sony’s upgraded hardware to make their system a little more future proof.

ps4 pro

It provides those with a 4k TV a more immersive gaming experience, boosting the graphic fidelity of games with faster and more stable frame rates. Regular HDTV’s will also get a higher and more stable frame rate, boasting a full 1080p resolution.

The games will look more realistic, and the upgraded systems also offer 2.4 GHZ/ 5 GHZ wi-fi mode options and HDMI 2.0. Compatible games so far include Battlefield 1, Final Fantasy XV (After a future patch), The Elder Scrolls Online: The Tamriel Unlimited, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, FIFA 17, NBA 2K17, and more. All the compatible games will have the “Pro” symbol located on the front of the game case.

If you do not have a 4k television, then honestly, there is no reason to go out and spend the money right this moment. Waiting would be your best option but if the PS4 Pro is a must-have for you, then go right ahead, it will put you ahead of the curve and you will be ready when the price of 4k TVs are more reasonable.

Now, the Pro is still rather new, so most retailers with good deals and bundles are selling out left and right. However, here are a few sites and what they offer in the UK:

- Amazon offers free shipping in the UK and they often have great bundles if you are lucky enough to catch one. Their standard PS4 Pro (1TB) is £349.99.

- Argos is offering a PS4 Pro (1TB) for £349.99 and you can purchase the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare for £40 along with it.

- Currys is keeping with the trend and has their PS4 Pro at £349.99 with free delivery to the mainland UK on 1000s of products.

Finally, Very, Very has a similar deal at £349 and offers a service guarantee to protect your product from damage and after forking out around £350, this is something you definitely may want to consider!

The key here is to keep an eye on these sights, they often have flash deals and Amazon has great bundles when they are in stock. Check for deals and what all the sites offer, you may be interested in financing or product protection so the key is to shop around.

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3 Ways to Spread the Cost with a Catalogue

If you don’t want to pay for an item upfront, UK catalogue companies could provide you with a wide range of benefits. In fact, catalogue retailers have simplified the shopping process with flexible delivery options and special promotions throughout the year.

If you want to spread the cost of your order but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the different ways you can pay for products when you open a brand-new catalogue credit account.

1. Buy Now, Pay Later
Buy now, pay later is one of the most popular finance options for consumers who want to spread the cost of their order. This payment method lets you take your order home that very same day and make payment at a later date. There are various catalogue companies that offer this service, but there are a few things you’ll want to look out for before you open a new account. First, always check the terms and conditions and payment options when you apply for buy now, pay later. That’s because many retailers will charge you interest on your items, which will fluctuate depending on the company. Using a price comparison website can help you here, which will allow you to compare and contrast different catalogue brands and rates of interest in one place.

2. Pay Weekly
Pay weekly catalogues let you spread the cost of your purchase and pay for your items every seven days. There are a number of ways you can do this. First, you can log into your personal credit account on a catalogue company’s website and make payment or speak to a customer service rep over the phone. Other retailers will send you a letter with details on how you can make your weekly repayments. Like buy now, pay later, pay weekly might provide you with a flexible way to control your budget and finances. However, many companies charge interest for this service, so you’ll need to do your research.

3. Pay Monthly
Pay monthly is similar to pay weekly. However, you will make repayments every month instead of every seven days. There are a number of different catalogue companies that let you pay monthly and have items delivered to your door. You could even save cash when you use a promotional code. Usually, you will receive a monthly statement at your home address when you place an order, with details of your credit limit and the minimum amount you will need to pay that month.

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5 Best Online Stores for Tumble Dryers on Finance

Are you looking forward to buying a “Tumble Dryer” on an affordable finance option? Well, if yes, then look no further as you have landed to the right page! This article will introduce you to the top 5 best online stores for buying a Tumble Dryer on finance.


Needless to mention, these online stores offer a wide range of top quality tumble dryers & branded condenser dryers which allow you to pay at your own convenience – either in weekly, fortnightly, or monthly installments (whatever suits your finance the most).

In this context, here’s a list of the top 5 best online stores for buying a Tumble Dryer on finance:

1. Perfect Home:
Due to the notoriously bad British weather, when you really struggle to dry out your clothes, then a tumble dryer can become quite convenient & useful for you! Now, in order to allow you to purchase a Tumble Dryer on Flexible Finance, this online e-commerce platform offers you a wide variety of pay weekly tumble dryers. Starting from energy-efficient models from leading brands (like Beko, Candy, and more) to the refurbished tumble dryers, this online store has everything to suit your budget. The other facilities as offered by this premium online store are – Low Weekly Payments, Free Delivery, 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee, No Late Fees & No Deposit, and Unlimited Repairs etc.

2. Appliances Direct:
This is another online store that features “Flexible Finance Options” where, as a customer, you can purchase today & pay later. Their flexible finance packages include various options, including “pay over six months” to “pay over three years”. All you will need to do is make an initial deposit (around 10% of the total cost price) and you can opt for 36 monthly instalment payments at a rate of 19.9% APR.

3. Pay Weekly Store:
This online store offers a plethora of condenser tumble dryers along with an option of manageable & affordable weekly payments. All of the items as featured in this online store come with a relatively low weekly & monthly payment options. Plus, they offer their customers a “Next Day Delivery” too.

4. Currys:
This is a well-known online store that offers the flexible credit while purchasing the latest technological gadgets (including Tumble Dryers). Here, you can choose the best payment term that certainly suits your budget & finance. Plus, you can even decide to pay absolutely nothing for the first six months (with 19.9% APR). Additionally, you can even opt for paying no deposit at all. This online store also features “Free Next Day Delivery” for most of their products.

Due to the ever-increasing demands of tumble dryers, many online retailers now offer tumble dryers on finance, and, is no exception. It offers a monthly payment option for a wide selection of new tumble dryers featuring the most popular brands.

The Final Verdict:
Whilst not essential, the tumble dryers have become quite popular nowadays. However, buying this product outright can be pretty expensive for you! Thus, you can now purchase a tumble dryer on finance & spread the entire cost by paying for it either in monthly or weekly installments, so don’t forget to check online for the flexible finance options that suit you.

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Renting a Dishwasher with a Pay Weekly Store

Washing dishes is not a favourite activity for many. The conventional method involves a messy undertaking in the sink. It is also very time consuming. Generally, it will leave you feeling too exhausted to continue with the activities for the day. The worst thing is that you may end up not doing a very good job.


If you want to spend your days doing something other than washing dishes by hand you could purchase a dishwasher but this can be expensive and possibly not be within budget. Another option is renting a dishwasher that you can pay for on a weekly basis. Dishwasher rental services in the UK are easily accessible and many websites offer this service. Companies like Hughes and Dialatv are just examples of sites where the service is easily accessible

In most cases, you will be required to fill a form of your details and agree to the terms and conditions of the rental company. So just what are the terms you expect on dishwasher rental services. Well, you must agree to the weekly pay. The rental companies also provide repairs and even exchanges for a different machine in case of faults.

The companies offer delivery of the machine to your home. You will also get a chance to pick the washing machine you want based on the size and style that suites your needs. The rates range between different companies so make sure you shop around for the best deals. There are cheaper services and even higher end services.

There are very many advantages of renting a dishwasher. First is that you can do dishes very fast. You are also assured of a good job. With the technological advances, you even get dishwashers that have quiet operations meaning that you can work peacefully in the house. The dishwasher also conserves more water as opposed to hand washing using a running tap on the sink. Most dishwashers are quite easy to control with simple push buttons. Finally, you will save a lot of time which you can spend engaging in more productive activities.

To make the most out of renting a dishwasher be sure to read and understand all the terms and conditions and always check your product when it gets delivered to ensure its correct and in full working order. Also, note that some of the companies offer discounts which will save you some money.

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Spread the Cost on Office Furniture

Buying a new desk and desk chair from a UK catalogue could save you cash. You’ll discover a wide range of products, including desks manufactured from a number of different materials, from these retailers that you might not find at shops on your high street. You will also be able to pay for your purchase in affordable chunks, either on a weekly or monthly basis. Here’s everything you wanted to know about buying desks and desk chairs on finance from a UK catalogue.


UK catalogues, including Argos and Next, sell a wide range of different desks and chairs, including office desks and children’s desks. These come in a number of sizes and finishes, including wood and glass. Choose a product that complements the interior of your home. Some desks come with plenty of storage space, including drawers and shelves. Others are perfect for desktop and laptop computers or provide you with a workspace to write or draw.

Most desks are large and bulky, making them difficult to take home from a shop if you don’t have a car. When you make a purchase with a UK catalogue, you can have your desk and desk chair delivered to your home address, saving you a lot of hassle. Some retailers include free delivery when you make a purchase, saving you money, too.

How to apply
If you want to spread the cost of a desk and desk chair, you’ll need to apply for a credit account with your favourite catalogue company. With so many of these retailers out there, it can be difficult to know which to pick, so do your research first. You should pick a company that provides good value for money and offers a low rate of interest, otherwise you’ll end up paying far more for the item than if you were to purchase a desk and desk chair and pay for it in one go, upfront. Most retailers will give you an instant decision about your application when you apply for finance, and if you’re accepted, you’ll receive your welcome documents by post.

Making repayments
There are a number of ways you can make repayments once you’ve purchased a desk and desk chair on finance. Several retailers let you open a personal account on their website, where you can log in and check your payments or make a repayment. You can also pay for your purchase over the phone by speaking to a customer service rep. Your account balance should be updated immediately.

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Curvissa Personal Account

Dresses. Hats. Jackets. Accessories. Whatever you’re looking for, Curvissa has you covered. The fashion superstore, which stocks clothes in a wide range of sizes, lets you spread your payments over time so you can budget more effectively. The result? You can control your finances. That’s not all. Here’s everything you wanted to know about the Curvissa personal account.

What is it?
Curvissa is one of the UK’s leading catalogue companies. You’ll discover clothes in sizes that you won’t always find on the UK high street, including up to size 32. There are more than 3,000 items to choose from, including casual and formal wear, perfect if you want to treat yourself or buy someone a gift.

When you apply for the Curvissa personal account, you can pay for any items you order from the catalogue in instalments. There are a number of ways you can make repayments, too. You can phone a customer service rep or log into your personal account on the Curvissa website, where you’ll find a number of payment methods. You can also change and update your personal details directly on the dashboard.

How it works
You’ll receive a personal statement in the post with details of any purchases you make, as well as the minimum amount you need to pay that month. If you have a query or question about your account, you can contact a member of staff. Curvissa prides itself on its customer service, and you should receive a reply quickly.

How to apply
Applying for a new credit account with Curvissa is simple. Just head to their website to apply or contact a member of staff by phone. In the majority of cases, you’ll receive an instant decision about your application. Once you’ve been accepted, you’ll receive confirmation in the post.

How to save money
There are a number of ways you can save money once you’ve been accepted for a Curvissa personal account. You can use a voucher code when you place your order, which could save you a great deal of cash or provide you with free delivery. Look out for other promotions and clearance deals, too, where you could pick up a bargain. Currently, new customers get 30 percent off their first order, as well as free delivery when they open a new credit account, which could save you more money than shopping on the high street. Don’t forget to sign up to the company’s mailing and follow them on social media to be the first to hear about the latest products, news and promotions.

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Best Catalogues for Nursery Essentials

Need furniture for your baby’s nursery? New bedding, linens, new changing tables, prams, or other items? You can even find maternity wear for yourself during pregnancy on many sites. But, which ones are the best sites to shop with? Where will you find the most selection and high quality items, as well as the best payment terms and financing options? These are a few places to turn.

nursery –
For moms (and dads), this site has it all. Changing tables, diaper trash, diapers, baby clothing, nursery decor, and so much more. If it is something you are going to need during pregnancy, when the baby is born, is a toddler, or if you will ever need an item as a parent, it is highly likely you will find it through this online catalogue site. And, you can find various interest rates, discounts, and great selection for your nursery and baby, when doing your shopping online. –
Argos has everything new moms and soon to be moms are going to need when taking care of their kids. Whether you are simply shopping for the cutest baby clothing, new changing tables, need to fully furnish the nursery, or need breast pumps and other items as a new parent, you can find a wide product range from which to choose. The site carries some of the most well-known name brands for baby products as well. So, if you desire high quality, a high selection of products from which to choose, as well as reasonably priced items, you do not have to look too much further than on this catalogue site as a parent (or soon to be parent).

There are so many things you are going to need as a new parent. Whether it is your first child or your third, you want to be fully prepared, but do not want to have to overspend on the items you are going to have to set up in the nursery for your child. So, taking the time to compare and shop online, and visit a few catalogue sites, is a good way to go about finding what you need, and also finding the best price for the items you plan on buying.

When time comes to start shopping for items your child is going to need, and that you will need as a new parent, these are a couple of the sites you can visit to find everything you will need to properly care for your child.

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Curtains and Blinds on Finance

Pay weekly, pay monthly, pay it off after 28 days to avoid interest rates. When financing the purchase of blinds, you have many options with several top financing catalogues. Which ones should you consider shopping with for your new blinds?


One of the top blinds retailers is As the site name implies, you pay weekly for your blinds. With payments as low as 10 pounds weekly, it can’t be beat in terms of affordability. No need to put down a huge down payment or come up with thousands up front to purchase new blinds for an entire home. Venetian, vertical, wooden, blackout; you name it and the manufacturer carries it or can fabricate it for you. is another reputable dealer for your home’s blinds. Offering delivery and installation in as little as a week, along with whole home fitting, and custom work, you can’t go wrong with this top supplier. Variety, style, top quality, material finishes. You name it, and you want it custom designed, and the team of experts can perform the services for you.

What are the benefits/pros –
A number of them pop up. First off, no need to come up with the full purchase price up front. With rates as little as 10 pounds weekly, you control your payment terms. No credit checks, no extensive application, no huge down payment, free quotes and fitting. If you need it done when installing new blinds, the top dealers are going to offer it in the price you pay when financing.

The cons –
Yes, there are a few to name. Of course the interest rates can’t be escaped. Yes, you will pay off the purchase over time; with this being said, you will pay accrued interest charges on the purchase. The fact that new blinds come out regularly, and new technologies come out regularly, also means if you want the newest and latest, you won’t have it for long when financing. And yes, there are limits to what you can buy. Credit checks typically are run and most companies will limit the lending limit based on income or other sources of revenue coming in and your ability to pay.

If you are shopping for new blinds for the home, why not finance the purchase? Although a few drawbacks do exist, for a majority of homeowners, it is worth it. Low risk, high reward, low monthly or weekly payments, are a few of those rewards, just to name a few, for those who choose to finance.

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Catalogues for Plus Size Women

For the plus size women who love fashion, top designer names, the latest styles, and don’t want to have to compromise on the top name brands and fashions, simply because you need a larger style, where can you go to find those brand names? Where do you find the new styles and looks? Where can you find financing options for weekly or monthly payment options, when you are after the new trends and fashions, and want to find the plus sizes which are going to fit you comfortably? The answer is online fashion stores, many of which offer finance such as pay monthly catalogues and pay weekly catalogues.

Freemans –
This is one of the oldest catalogues for women (as well as men) who are on the plus size. Yes, you can find those designer names you are shopping for. Yes, you can find the latest fashions and trends. And no, you don’t have to overpay or pay the full purchase price up front. With variable financing options and terms, as well as the top designers and fashions, all women are going to look their best when browsing and shopping with this catalogue. –
The site is another reputable option for the plus size shopper, as well as elderly women. If you are after comfort, style, variety, as well as low prices and free next day shipping on orders, then look no further. You are going to find that, and so much more, as well as a reputable catalogue and some of the lowest prices which are out there to be found, on the styles you love to wear. –
For the curvy woman after fine styles, fine fabrics, the best looking options, and something which truly fits and accentuates their every curve, this is the place to go. With many designer names, prices below the retail value, and plus sizes for women of all sizes and shapes, this is where to go for your designer clothing and looks. And, it is where to go if you want the best financing options which are out there to be found.

The options don’t end here. There are vaious other catalogues which cater to the plus size women who love to look their best, no matter what they are wearing. When you are shopping for a great deal, when you are shopping for the plus sizes that fit well, and when you want a look which truly trumps what you will find in local boutiques for less, these are a few sites you can turn to when shopping.

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Which Catalogues Sell Ugg Boots

If you are looking for stylish, comfy, warm, and the latest Ugg boots currently available, where can you find them? Not only is there more than one site you can visit when catalogue shopping, but customers are bound to find some of the latest styles when shopping through the right catalogues for these boots. When looking for new fashions and designer trends, and great prices for your new Ugg boots, these are a few of the top sites to visit as a UK customer.

ugg –
The site carries a variety of top name brands in designer shoes. So whether you want the latest Ugg boots, new Nike trainers, a pair of Timberland boots, or a pair of each, you can do all your shopping in one place, and find the boots which are best suited for your style and fashion sense. Plus, you can find great financing options and deals with the online catalogue site as well. –
This is another reputable UK catalogue vendor carrying the Ugg brand. With the latest in Ugg boots, sandals, and the finest brands on the market for designer shoes, you can find the perfect fit and style. Whether shopping for 1/2 or full sizes, men or women, or the newest Ugg boots or older styles from previous years, you can find them on this site when financing the purchase. –
Yes, the site that is one of the oldest, which carries styles for men and women, which has a variety of top styles and trends, also carries Ugg boots. And, you can find them for a price below retail as well as finance the purchase total when ordering your boots through this site.

Of course you can always go the traditional route as well, and shop directly with the site for your new boots and latest styles as a consumer. But, this might end up costing a bit more, and does not offer different financing options when choosing the new boots you are going to buy. When shopping for boots, or new shoes in general, those who love designer styles and name brands for less, have to know where to go in order to find them.
These are a few of the many options you are going to have as a customer in the UK, when shopping for your new Ugg boots, shopping on finance, and of course looking for the best deals which are out there to be found.

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