Can You Really Pay Weekly?

Many catalogues today are advertising weekly payments to attract new customers and as a way to show smaller repayments which can make spreading the cost seem more attractive. But can you literally pay weekly, or are they actually talking about an effective weekly cost?

The fact is that most catalogues don’t actually offer a dedicated weekly payment method at all, everything is optimised for monthly payments or payment in full. However, if you really need to pay weekly to help with your budgeting, then it is possible. There are three main methods of paying weekly with home shopping catalogues, but only one recommended method!

  • You could pay weekly at our local paypoint/payzone outlet. Simply get the assistant to scan the barcode and then staple the receipt to the statement as proof of payment. Simply work out the monthly payment and make weekly payments that add up to your minimum payment (or any payment you decide over and above the minimum payment). However, a standard fee of up to £1 per transaction may be applied to your account by some catalogue companies (including Simply Be, Fashion World and JD Williams) so this could work out a very expensive payment option and is hard to recommend.
  • You can also call the catalogue customer service team each week and make a payment using a debit or credit card (preferably a debit card as many companies will charge a fee for processing credit cards), but this is a time consuming and tedious method and not recommended.
  • The only recommended option for paying weekly is to use your debit card, access the catalogue website and simply top up your account on a weekly basis for the required amount, quick, easy and free!
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