Spread the Cost on Home Appliances

If you are fishing around for home appliances, then you need to have a nice wad of money at your disposal because these things tend to cost quite a goodly amount of money. Stores across the UK have a lot

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How to Rent a Washing Machine and Pay Weekly

If you need a new washing machine, retailers offer a wide range of finance options that might suit you. You can find washing machines in various sizes and products manufactured from different brands all in one place and you can

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5 Best Online Stores for Tumble Dryers on Finance

Are you looking forward to buying a “Tumble Dryer” on an affordable finance option? Well, if yes, then look no further as you have landed to the right page! This article will introduce you to the top 5 best online

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Advantages of Renting a Tumble Dryer

For the UK homeowner in need of a tumble dryer, the inability to pay thousands of pounds for one up front, at the time of purchase, has likely been holding you back from making this investment for some time now.

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Best Weekly Payment Stores for Washing Machines

If you get paid every week, you might prefer to pay for a purchase in weekly instalments, instead of the conventional pay monthly options that you normally find with UK catalogue companies. So, where can you buy a washing machine

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Interest Free Catalogues for Home Appliances

Whether it’s a new kettle or toaster, you can find the latest home appliances from the world’s biggest electronic brands in your favourite catalogue. Unlike the UK high street, you won’t have to queue in busy shops and can have

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3 Finance Options for Washing Machines

If you need to buy a new washing machine or your current model has broken down, there are a number of finance options available that allow you to spread the cost of the item in instalments, rather than paying for

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Pay Weekly on a New Washing Machine

You need a washing machine for you to make work easier when it comes to working on your laundry. There are different types of washing machines available. This makes it necessary for you to check on the technology used in

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Spread the Cost on a Tumble Dryer

You will need a tumble dryer for you to dry the clothes that have been washed in your washing machine. Due to different reasons, your purchasing power may not allow you to buy the dryer and pay for it upfront.

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