Pay Weekly on Clothing

Clothing has never been easier, or more fun, than with pay weekly catalogues. In these, you can buy the most expensive of dresses and pay so little that you can indulge in all your wildest sartorial dreams!

Pay weekly catalogues like Littlewoods, Grattan and Very, allow you to buy the latest designer garments and pay for them over several weeks. No deposit is required for pay weekly shopping; you only need identity and address proof. While most consumer finance involves a demanding credit check, most pay weekly online stores deem it unnecessary to look at your credit history. Initially, you are not charged interest for a set number of weeks, but if you exceed that time limit you will be slapped with 35-40% annual interest. Your credit agreement has a preset credit limit, which is gradually revised depending on your payment record.

Be the toast of the party season with K & Co. They have such a huge variety of dresses that you will be lost for hours in the catalogue. Between 70p and £2.99 you can satisfy all your festive clothing needs. And they have something for everyone – smart minimalist dresses, maxi dresses, glitzy short dresses – they have it all. You can also shop for some very smart outerwear at Grattan and have a fabulous stylish winter. They have jackets, long overcoats, fur-rimmed classics and more – all with an option to spread the cost over 2 or 3 years!

You can also give a finishing touch to the clothes with accessories – bags, clutches and shoes at Littlewoods are enviable, especially given their prices and brands. You can get most of them in or around £1 a week! So now you need not feel guilty about a wardrobe makeover. At Very, you even get 10% off on your first credit purchase!

Some may tell you that pay weekly is the domain of downgrade designers and poor quality. But, when you start browsing, you will find that elite labels like French Connection and UGG are the yardsticks of pay weekly clothing collections. You are also promised ace customer care, free delivery and a generous returns policy. So really, pay weekly plans only enhance and ease up your regular shopping experience!

Considering their benefits, it is no surprise that the popularity of pay weekly catalogues has spread like wildfire! Paying weekly is the new norm in shopping on finance, since it is easier to plan than lump sum or monthly payments. Pay weekly payments create a direct relation between your paycheck and your account payment, so you don’t need to fret over putting money aside for your clothing needs.

You can apply for a shopping account at any pay weekly catalogue online and digitally complete the entire process. Before agreeing to their credit agreement however, be sure to read all their terms and conditions to make sure that you can afford regular payments, plus interest.