Pay Weekly Freezers

The kitchen is being renovated and you need to spruce up some things to go with the upgraded amenities inside the house. Maybe you only had a fridge earlier but need to add a freezer to it as well. An addition like that wouldn’t come without significant detrimental effects to your pocket, and sometimes such an expense may not even be possible. Waiting another few months may seem the only pragmatic option. Well, think again. You don’t have to postpone any purchase, because you can now pay weekly for your freezer.

Pay weekly stores like Littlewoods and PerfectHome, have taken the consumer credit market by storm. With this system of credit, the customer is not expected to pay the entire cost of the item at hand, such as a freezer, up front. Instead, he or she can pay off the entire amount, with added interest, over a large number of weeks in the form of tiny instalments each week. This creates a win-win situation for both customers and the store. The stores earn interest and don’t have to forgo customers that wouldn’t be able to afford a freezer otherwise. Customers, on the other hand, can plan their finances effectively instead of tying up a large chunk of money in one item.

Pay weekly freezers hail from some of the best brands such as Samsung and Hotpoint, so you are not trading quality for affordability. They are available in the range of £3-10 a week, which is remarkably less than their total value. In this fashion, you can buy the freezer you want and furnish your kitchen without worrying too much about the cost. Ice cubes, cold beverages and frosted meat deserve some space in your kitchen don’t they? A few clicks and you could buy a pay weekly freezer right now!