Pay Weekly Fridges

Paying weekly on a fridge is ideal for anyone who has recently moved home or who’s current fridge needs replacing quickly. Simply because, buying now and paying in weekly installments means that the fridge is far more affordable.

You’ve just married your beautiful bride and are moving into a new place. Obviously, the kitchen would be a room you would like to furnish well to keep her happy. A lot of money’s been spent on the wedding and to furnish the entire house, so you might have to cut short your spending and live simpler – maybe by spending less on certain items. The fridge definitely should not have to be one of them – we don’t want the wife angry now do we? Pay weekly catalogues offer the perfect solution to this problem.

Argos, Littlewoods, and Very are among those catalogues that extend you a pay weekly system. In this system, the customer can buy a product but not at its market price. Instead, the customer pays of the entire amount along with some interest as tiny installments over a large number of weeks. This is a very good credit method for those people who can’t afford to pay the entire cost up front. The fact that you pay off the entire amount, plus the interest, in such tiny amounts makes it all the more affordable and easy for purchase. No deposit is required in most cases for this finance option and in rare cases your purchase could be completely interest-free!

Pay weekly stores have fridges from companies such as Hotpoint, Beko and Samsung through this system of credit. The amount payable per week for these items varies in range of around £4-10 a week, which is much more economical than a lump sum three digit figure. In this way weekly payment stores provide their customers with high-performance budget fridges. You can now keep your wife happy by buying her the fridge she wants without worrying about burning a whole in your pockets!